Our People

Greg Sublett
Preaching minister, worship leader, Bible Hour leader, and mentoring program director


Greg Sublett was raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas, spending a good deal of time at his grandparents who lived just six blocks from Silver City Courts. The 49-year-old is one of the founding members of the Silver City Church. For the almost 17 years, he has served as a preaching minister, worship leader, and mentoring program director.

"I've seen first hand what spiritual poverty can do to a neighborhood like Silver City," Greg says. "In the midst of this tragedy, it's a blessing from God to be a part of His work in this area, leading people back to Him."

Greg graduated from Harding University with a Bible degree in 1986 and has twenty-seven years of ministry experience, including five years at the Macon Road Church in Memphis,Tennessee, and five years at the Chenal Valley Church in West Little Rock. He is supported by the Silver City Church and individual contributors.

Greg's wife, Amber, is also a vital part of the work at Silver City, helping out in every aspect of the work. Greg, Amber and their daughters, Mandy and Molly have poured their lives into this ministry over the past seventeen years.  Including ten years of living in the heart of the ministry area.